just think about it though. they’re getting older, they’ll keep getting older, and soon Rooster Teeth will disperse. One by one, they’ll retire or leave until none of the original crew is left, the dynamics are gone and replaced, the fans are fresh and have no idea who this ‘Geoff Ramsey’ is or why ‘Jack’s beard’ was a thing and “Oh, Gavin Free? Isn’t he the main guy in charge?” because Matt and Burnie are gone, they’re all gone


Dylan O’Brien Suits Up For ‘Fashionisto’


"What’s your favorite thing about the MTV Movie Awards?" [x]

 ( sourwolves)

 make me choose:  anonymous asked stisaac or stalia


reading a foreign language: yeah
writing in a foreign language: ok
listening to a foreign language: wait
speaking in a foreign language: fuck



If youre happy that Lindsay’s desk is now going to be in the Achievement Hunter office like everyone else’s and you are going to laugh in the face of people who dont want her there  and you know it clap your hands.




i actually like asshole couples best like the couples that pick on each other so much and call each other names but it’s okay because you know they’re actually totally in love and none of it is meant in a mean way and every insult is punctuated by a sweet comment to remind the other how much they actually adore them and i’m sorry but there isn’t anything cuter ok



I’m not crying

Fashion Wonderland: Samuel Cirnansck f/w 2013

Who is the best-looking superhero?


New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6


tyler posey is the type of boy your mom would trust and love so much that she’d be okay with knowing you two are banging in the guest room when you come to visit